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August 17th, 2013, 06:44 PM
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Hi all,

I've been on bc for 11 years... Ill be 28 shortly.

I came off of it cause of the effects and honestly I wanted my body to do things naturally for once..
I actually have a ton not energy now.

Anyway I picked up some OPK's.... Today is day 10... I haven't felt any signs prior to now that O had happened...
And usually my body tells me.

So I tested today.... Nothing. Negative.
This is my first cycle since stopping the pill so I have no idea when things will happen.

My spouse and I are currently attempting to track my O so that he does haven't to wear a "plastic bag" lol.

But with being day 10.... I thought I might've and nope.

So... For those who have gone off the pill, on your first cycle was O later?
It's been forever since my body has had to do this alone.
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