Topic: Lung kicking?
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August 17th, 2013, 08:48 PM
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I am getting the strangest, most awful feeling tonight. It feels like one of the babies is kicking me in the lung. OMG. I had some low rib kicks a handful of times in my other two pregnancies...but this takes the cake. I've never experienced such a thing. Am I going crazy? Is it really possible? I must be measuring at least 30 weeks, if not more.......can they get that high? I know last time they did fundal height measurements on me I was 9 weeks ahead and it was at the bottom of my ribs...but I feel like they've had a massive growth spurt in the past two weeks because they have been kicking up a storm and I can feel them regularly all day all of a sudden.

It's only on my left side...and I feel like a kick sensation. So strange. I don't like it. I took a belly shot the other night, and compared it to photos with my first pregnancy....I had a 26 week shot and a 38 week shot, and I have to say based on those pics I'm definitely over 30 weeks size.

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