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August 18th, 2013, 01:22 AM
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It's 3am and I'm awake!! My nephew was watching tv and laughing, made me wake up....which, when I woke up I needed to hit the bathroom. On my trip, I found him in the girls room watching their tv because it was on. We have a super busy couple of days coming up, so I should be sleeping....
Sunday (today now) we have 3 birthday parties to attend and 2 trips to the airport to pick up people.
1st party (thankfully) we leave the house at noon is for 2 of their sons 3 and 17
2nd party 5yo twins
3rd party dear friends of my dhs, mom turning 80
In between the parties, we are picking up 6 people at the airport....3 at a time.
At least 3 of them are staying at our home.
SIL and niece and one of dh's employees. Our handy man is supposed to be coming back tomorrow, he left today. I gave him a house key in case we are not home. Dh has enough projects for him that he put him on payroll for the next 6 months unfortunately they are not all at the house. I am grateful he will be more local though. Dh also said he is bringing a professional painter in to fix all the walls/dc's artwork. I still have a 2yo so I'm afraid to get too excited, but am anyway.
Anyway all the parties are for people we consider family, so I want to make them all. We went gift shopping for all the kids today, but it just occurred to me we didn't get anything for the 80yo.
Oh and after all that tomorrow night 10/10:30 we are having a house party/work meeting to prepare for the next day that will also be busy.
Next Saturday we were invited to a dear friends (again, read family) home to visit. Dh accepted...I told him you realize that is #5's birthday???? He did not lol. #4's birthday is the following Friday,so we typically combine them, but still....Dh will be traveling a ton the next few weeks, so I'll have to figure out when we can do the celebration. While shopping for the other kids today we selected their "big" presents. They will be ready for pick up tomorrow....Like we will have time lol.
Sorry for the ramble...Oh and Tuesday is the "BTS Bonanza" where you go and fill out all the papers etc. Oh and sil will be here for a few days and then leaves for a few days. Dh said leave niece here , because she and her dh will be back in a few days. Much to our surprise,(first time, clingy, by the "book" parents) they agreed and said send her back potty I told dh "DEAL" it's been on my to do list to train our 2 youngest I thought maybe a group approach would be encouraging to them, so as we all always say....What's one more??? lol
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