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August 18th, 2013, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by ~Momma*2011~ View Post
Awww, I can't wait till you journal about telling your parents. I can't imagine how hard it has been for you!! Hey you're almost into the 2nd trimester!! Your little one is adorable!! Are you finding out the gender or staying Team Green?
Aww...thanks girlie. We are totally team green

Originally Posted by ZaydensMomma View Post
Stef- wow you are almost out of 1st trimester! How are things going for you?
I know right time is just flying by...I'm feeling better...still not perfect but...much better.

Originally Posted by momology View Post
Awww great update!!!!

How was the high risk doc appt? Hope you had a good time in Houston!!!
Thanks chica...we had an amazing time in Houston

Originally Posted by Mrs.Paradise View Post
awwwwwwwwwwww I Love your cute little squirt!!! I cant wait for you to tell your mom!!!
Thanks was amazing I actually cried

First, I just wanna say thanks to everyone who checks up/follows my journey....I feel so loved and supported....I love my JM sisters!

Wow... I really need to update

My appointment with the high risk doc went is doing great and my tests came back fabulous
I also met with my endocrinologist about my thyroid and all my labs came back spot on

We went to Houston last weekend to tell family. It was so amazing

We gave my mom this key chain for her bday

The beads are the birthstones for my dad, brother, sis-in-law, and emerald for DH and myself. She opened it and was like..."I love it thank you". Then Scott said..."was the card in the bag" I said "oops...forgot to put the card in the bag". I gave her the card that said

I had taped a purple bead inside the card

"Need to add one more bead...
Baby C's birthstone"

I have never heard my mom scream so loud and long before in my life. She jumped out of the chair and started dancing/running towards me and crying . It was incredible. My mom started screaming she didn't read the card out loud so my poor dad was like "what is it....what is it" my mom finally shouted "thank you Jesus...we are going to have a grand baby"
My dad started was the most amazing experience...I am so thankful for such amazing parents.

We also went to tell my meemaw and aunt, uncle, and cousins.

We gave my meemaw a birthday card that had an ultrasound photo in it and I wrote..."can't wait to meet ya great grandma...see ya in February"

My aunt and meemaw screamed just as loud as my was precious.

We called my brother and sis-in-law....they were out of sis-in-law...squealed...and said she had to start planning a baby shower.
We also called my grandparents since they live in another city...they were absolutely thrilled.

We didn't get to go see DH's parents...we ran out of time...Scott wanted to wait and call them when they would both be at we are going to call them today and then call his sister and husband.

Squirt will be the first grand baby for both this LO will ce spoiled by aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

I have been feeling much better...I usually eat toast for breakfast, a granola bar around 10, lunch around 12 and usually popcorn for a snack around 3.....I don't really have an appetite after doesn't sound good in the afternoon at all.
My stomach has shrunk...I cannot eat a lot for lunch...very small portions.

I think I have a little bit of a bump showing...what do y'all think? a huge problem for me...I have tried everything....
I can't wait to start feeling Squirt move....sometimes...i think I feel flutters but I don't know if it is gas...hopefully within the next couple weeks while it will be obvious.

August 18, 2013
12 weeks 2 Days
  • Weight: 129
  • Waist: 34
  • Mood: Yahoo for 2nd trimester!
  • Energy: I have more energy during the day....i start dragging around 4...lately I go home and lay on the couch...take a nap and go to bed around 8
  • Appetite: getting better...I have been able to eat more veggies. I can hold food down better in the first half of the day...I can’t really stomach anything after 4
  • Cravings: popcorn and grape juice this past week
  • Morning sickness: better...i am nauseous throughout the comes and goes. I don’t throw up every day...I have gotten better at keeping my food down
  • Turn offs:nothing chocolate...yuck…I don’t want sweets, no beef or pork, I can eat chicken sometimes
  • Symptoms: tired, nauseous , constipation is getting bad again, boobs are growing, having trouble getting comfy when I sleep…I usually wake up around 2 and fall back to sleep around 3

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