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August 18th, 2013, 07:54 AM
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Okay, I am gonna try the nicu story.....

So when Evaani was born she was covered in meconium, very thick meconium. It makes me believe that even at 7lbs 10oz, my "due date" was right, with the mec staining, the almost no fluid, the long fingernails and the dry, cracked skin, she looked like a post dates baby.

Anyway....because she was covered in the mec they decided she had respiratory distress. My opinion is it wasn't in her lungs (xray) so she would have worked it up on her own, but they admitted her to nicu (ka-ching). So they stole my baby and held her hostage. They put her on nasal oxygen and immediately decided she had to have IV nutrition. She was hooked up to heart monitors, breathing monitors, all kinds of crap.

By the time I got to go see her, a couple of hours later, she was on room air. Now remember the only reason she needed the IV was because she supposedly couldn't breathe even though they knew she had no mec in her lungs. They verified she had no bacterial infections.

So I really felt at that time she should be given to me, but decided she was okay for the next 24 hours. Remember I have had a baby (Kya) who did aspirate meconium and get pneumonia and stayed a week in NICU.

The next day I hung out with Evaani until I was discharged and she was doing really good, room air, they took her off the IV and she was eating 1/2-3/4 oz at a time if I fed her. She wouldn't eat for the nurses.

Thursday morning I went in and the nurse said she was "snuffly" and wouldn't eat. They assaulted my poor baby with a bulb syringe. I told the nurse not to do that ever again. I have had 11 babies and NEVER had the need to use a bulb syringe....NEVER.

I asked to speak to the doctor, who I had not seen since the night I had Evaani, abut discharging the baby.

The doctor came in with an attitude off bat. Immediately he said "I will not discharge this baby for at least another 24 hours, until she is eating better." He proceeded to go on and on about how she would get dehydrated or her blood sugar would drop and she would need to be brought back.....blah, blah, blah.

I told him I could dedicate the time needed to get her to eat what she needed. That between myself and her dad, we have been able to get her to eat and it would be better if she was at home. I pointed out she wasn't on oxygen, she had been off the IV all night, her blood sugars were fine and that she was NOT a sick baby. I told him I have had 11 babies and would recognize any need for additional care should the need arise. I also told him I had a family doctor whom I had called as was willing to see her as soon as she was discharged, if needed.

The doctor told me, "I am the doctor, and I win these battles."

I told him "You don't know me very well."

I then requested to speak to the nicu clinical manager. She met with me and I explained to her what I had just told the doctor. We came to the agreement that if dh and I could get her to eat at her next three feedings (1pm, 4pm, 7pm) at least 1oz, Evaani would be discharged.

Thats when Marquay busted his head open in the nicu waiting room and I had to take him downstairs to er to get three stitches in his eyebrow. So that left dh to give her her 1pm feeding.

Dh came down at 2pm and said he got her to take 1 1/2 oz.

So Isaac was at the hospital and we sent the lil kids home with him and set up to hang at the hospital for the day. We had lunch and hung out for awhile in the nicu family room talking to some other parents.

At her 4pm feeding she was sleepy, she didn't want to eat, we could hardly keep her awake, but between dh and I we got her to take exactly one ounce by talking to her, unwrapping her and rubbing her hands and feet.

At the 7pm feeding we came in and she was getting her hearing test. then we changed her and she was awake and mad. LOL. In 15 minutes Evaani sucked down 2oz for her daddy while he told her she was a rock star and making drinking noises to her. LOL.

We showed the nurse and she said "Okay, lets get the discharge going!!!"

The doctor never did come back to see her before we left......guess he is a sore LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Evaani has been home she has proven herself to be a PIGGIE. She takes 2-3oz at a feeding now.

Mommy and Daddy know best.
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