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August 18th, 2013, 10:30 AM
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14 weeks 1 day

I am 14 weeks already! Baby is about the size of an orange. I'm feeling better but not as great as I would like. Still have nausea but not as often and excessive salvia and mucus which is disgusting. I have also bed having painful rlp and getting stretch marks already, ***? I got three with Frankie and not till the lady month. A positive, I've been feeling little baby k move! Yup, little movements and flutters, I'm 100% sure it's baby. Yay! I'm still feeling like little one might be a girl, I am starting to her more excited about the thought of having a girl, since I've been wanting a boy. We will know in 21 days! Ahh! Today I convinced dh to look at cribs with me and we will order baby's crib! I'm excited! We had agreed to wait till jan to buy stuff but we are staring now!
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