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August 18th, 2013, 11:25 AM
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I had a pic of Cole once removed from Photobucket. He was shirtless, but it was right before I was gonna cut his almost waist length hair. He was 7/8? The very next pic was if his newly cropped hair, but I guess they thought he was a girl. Made me mad cause I lost the original pic and now I have none.

UM, I had something similar with Kailyn. I threatened to leave AMA and they said that they would have to report me to okay, do what you want, but we are leaving. In the end the head something or another came in and we came to a compromise. They also kept Aiden, I was discharged and he wasn't, only I was fine with him having an extra 24 hours. Kailyn was an unknown factor on how long they wanted to keep her and at the 48 hour mark I was over it. Glad your baby girl is home now!

My weird dreams always involve my kids drying to eat me (zombies) or trying to kill me.
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