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August 18th, 2013, 12:47 PM
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my first was not a natural birth but heres how it went

Id been contracting light/medium (enough to keep me from sleeping all night) for the entire day before I went to the doctor but without any experience with contractions when I tried to explain it to the doctor that was in the office that day she said it was just RLP and sent me home. if shed taken the time to monitor me I thing the labor could have been stopped. as it was almost 12 more hours of contractions after seeing her before I went to the hospital.

since she whouldnt look into it though It was to late by the time I got to the hospital and my water broke an hr or 2 after they gave me the shots to try and stop my labor (35 weeks and 6 days) I gave birth (with an epi) about 13 hrs after that (36 weeks on the dot)

Id say I was "in labor" all be it early not active at least 30 hours before my water broke and then continued to labor another 13 hours after my water broke and I got the epi about 3 hours before birth.

after 40 hours of not being able to sleep or relax or really eat and freaking out over everything i was just to spent to handle it anymore. I really wasn't as prepared for a natural birth as I thought I was so that's what Im working on this time. that and im hoping I don't go preterm/have bleeding this time so I can stay out of the hospital as long as possible.

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