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August 18th, 2013, 01:03 PM
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At the very least you should consult with a high risk OB. You have long standing diabetes, and even brand new diabetes puts you at risk for high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and pre-term birth. The placentas of diabetic women deteriorate much faster than those of non-diabetics, and they will likely recommend that you not go past 39 weeks, because the placenta is calcifying, dying at that point, and may not be able to adequately support the baby. My OB would have let me go to 41 weeks with heavy monitoring, but I didn't want that, and in the end, we had to deliver at 37 weeks because I was entering pre-eclampsia (I'm type 2 and lost my first pregnancy to diabetic complications).

Typically, when you hit the third trimester, you will head to the hospital twice a week for non-stress tests (NSTs). Your insulin resistance meds will increase in dosage and may be dropped in favor of insulin, because those pesky placentas increase your insulin resistance drastically as they grow. You will always be chasing your blood sugars. It's a giant pain in the ***. I had to get an insulin pump.

No one is going to let you birth at home. Midwives don't usually accept diabetic patients. I wanted a home birth. I really did. My SIL has had 2. But I'm glad I didn't get one. My son was born sick, nobody knows why, but after 12 days in the NICU he came home the picture of health and is still healthy as a horse, all because he got immediate high level care. Seriously, my kid is a Mexican jumping bean! Right now, he's watching his favorite movie because I just needed a break!

I am cautious. I lost my first son to something called diabetic embryopathy. If your a1C is below 10, it won't happen to you. It's incredibly rare. I didn't know I was diabetic. So it isn't going to happen to you or anyone else. I never got the happy birth I wanted, and I grieved over that for months. But at the end of the day, my son's needs were met by the birth I had. I still dream of that perfect birth, that low risk pregnancy, but looking over at my little guy, dancing to his movie, I'm glad i sucked it up and did it the high risk way.

There is a perk - you get SO many ultrasounds. I got 19!!!!!

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