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August 18th, 2013, 01:19 PM
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Type 2, right here. Your sugars are going to be insane. That's just how it is. Medication and insulin will help that. I was on an insulin pump my second pregnancy and I loved it.

The most common risk for diabetic pregnancies is macrosomia - a big baby. This is better avoided, but not the end of the world. I had SEVERE diabetes, and had we not induced a little early, my son would have been about 7 pounds. No biggie.

The biggest serious risks for diabetic mothers are high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and pre-term birth. The placentas of diabetic women deteriorate much faster than those of non-diabetics, and they will likely recommend that you not go past 39 weeks, because the placenta is calcifying, dying at that point, and may not be able to adequately support the baby.

Things for me got risky and wacky for me at the end of the pregnancy. You know what they did? Induced me. That's it! No emergency treatment. They just checked his lung function to make sure he could breathe on the outside (he could) and induced me. He did not want to leave, apparently, so after FORTY hours of labor I had a c-section (thanks kid). My son had some serious, temporary complications but they were UNRELATED to my diabetes. He spent 12 days in the NICU getting better (he was the biggest and healthiest baby in there) and then he came home just perfect. There were no other babies in the NICU born to diabetic mothers. I just took a (lifesaving) medication for something else and it stressed him out a bit. Three years later, there is no evidence that his mother is diabetic, other than the fact that when he pretends to be a doctor he pretends to take peoples blood sugars (this morning he 'checked' me and declared that I had no blood. But he didn't seem worried, he told me to go eat a banana).

Diabetic pregnancies are extremely well understood, with nearly 10 decades of experience. It's scary, but you and the baby both will be fine. It doesn't matter that you were diagnosed in March, that is more than enough time to get things straight. Hell, my doctors only made me wait 3 months, it was infertility that pushed that a little farther out.

I'm around if you ever need advice or a pep talk or a place to vent. Oh and start thinking now what treat you want when the baby is here. Because The SECOND that placenta is out of your body, things get back to normal and you can tolerate a splurge. My husband brought me a GIGANTIC fountain coke - the real kind. It was the best thing I ever had in my whole life!

Thank you Vicki for my awesome siggy!!

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