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August 18th, 2013, 04:45 PM
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Gdiapers with disposable inserts are THE most expensive diaper option out there!!! Except maybe super pricey sized fitteds and handmade wool (which at least have resale value). You are right, they cost more than disposables. The other brands of hybrid systems with disposable inserts are Flip, GroVia, and Charlie Banana, but they all have the sposie inserts cost more than cheap disposables. However the other brands are cheaper in the other components of the system. The other hybrids just have a one-size (fits 12-30 lbs) shell or cover. Gdiaper has pants, plus liners, and you need to buy small/medium/large sizes separately. They have their fans but I always thought gdiapers made no sense. Disposable inserts in hybrid cloth diapers are generally not a full-time thing but just for going out, vacations, etc. Or maybe for someone like yourself who is sick of washing EBF poo explosions out of clothing but not ready to leap into full cloth diapering, and doesn't mind paying a little more in order to keep the poo contained.

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