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August 18th, 2013, 06:07 PM
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We don't use gas drops, I don't believe in them. We BF but my milk can let down very forcefully and G sometimes gasps and sputters, he can swallow a lot of air sometimes. I have to burp him frequently during such feeds. Sometimes he has old gas built up and burping doesn't really get it out. In these cases what works for him is either bicycle kicking his legs, or carrying him in an upright position while walking with a bouncing walk, holding him very close to put some pressure on the tummy. The baby carriers are lifesavers for this, because sometimes he needs to be in this position for quite awhile or else he cries. Usually he is tired as well and eventually crashes out in the carrier and then he is happy when he wakes up. He HATES lying down on his back when he is gassy.

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