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August 18th, 2013, 06:22 PM
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Don't beat yourself up! I bet they're also going a bit crazy without the routine of school, I know that always happened to me towards the end of the summer.

I looooove Linda's ideas. I know we spent a lot of time in our rooms when we went through phases like this, but it was hard as we all shared rooms. The nintendo (yes I'm dating myself ) was taken away, the computer later on, not allowed to watch tv....books taken away, bikes put up high...I really learned to love to read lol. But I agree, consistency is key, otherwise you won't be taken seriously. And hopefully your DH will be onboard as well.

We were also essentially bribed, but I think it is effective if used correctly. Eg. we would get Tim Hortons donuts if we behaved in church. This wasn't a weekly bribe, but maybe every 6 weeks? So it really was a treat. So maybe something similar can be slipped in as well.

These are the types of things I dread when Cam gets older. I hope things improve!
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