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August 18th, 2013, 08:47 PM
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You saying that about using no back at them, reminds me of my mom doing it to me. Maybe it's time for me to try it too.

Sending them to their rooms doesn't work, that's where DD1 would rather be. Even with no TV or electronics up there, she loves her room and that's where she always goes, I'd rather she go outside sometimes and get some fresh air instead of locking herself in her room.

I try to do the chores with them, today I was cleaning the kitchen while I asked DD1 to do some dishes. I was working on getting the recycling ready to put out for garbage day when I asked DD2 to take a garbage bag and pick up anything she saw laying around.

Bribes/rewards still work for DD2 for the most part, but DD1 doesn't care, about anything it seems. It doesn't matter what I take away, computer, tv, bike, whatever she just storms to her room and still won't do as she's asked. That girl tests every limit and my sanity I tell you.

And yes, I was talking to DH about the tantrums today. His comment was to just let them throw one and he'll deal with it, then when they were done with their fit they could do their chore. His way to deal, and maybe I need to be more like him because they don't question him as much, is to add a new chore every time they throw a fit about the one they were asked to do.

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