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August 18th, 2013, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by TeresaV View Post
Morgan loves being upright. Instead of buying a Bumbo that won't get used for very long I got her an Exersaucer. She LOVES it! Granted, she can barely touch the bottom and we need to stuff blankets in around her, but she's content for quite awhile in it. I laughed today when I read the giant warning label on the back of the seat that says babies should be at least 4 or 5 months old to use it (old enough to hold head up unassisted). She's been holding her head up for at least a month. Oh, and as a public service announcement, I'll also tell you that according to the label it is not to be filled with water. I laugh at these silly warnings until I realize that they are there because someone tried it.
People were putting them in their bathtubs and pools. Idiots.

With Alex I thought he had to be a certain height/age to put in an exersaucer. I was shocked to come in to pick him at daycare to discover that he was in one and doing well. I went out and immediately bought a bouncer. It was hilarious watching him get adjusted to it but with a few towels and proper supervision he did really well in it. Rowan is starting to do better with his head so I was thinking of giving it a couple more weeks and putting him in our walker. FYI: I lock the wheels on the walker when they're big enough to move it around. I don't need that complication in my life! lol

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