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August 18th, 2013, 09:16 PM
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Freaking out over here...please give me some feedback.

My last period started August 2 and was normal.
We had sex August 10 and August 17 (yesterday) - both times we used a condom AND pulled out. We checked by blowing air in it and the condoms were intact. Expiration date according to boyfriend was March 2014

Today August 18 I am noticing my boobs to be tender/sore to the touch (if I press on to the nipple, one being worse than the other) and it feels uncomfortable if I don't wear a bra. This only happens to me a few days before I get my period. In the morning they were really bad, now in the evening they feel better I think.

I think I have been peeing more often than usual but I have also been drinking more fluids than usual this week.
I have had 2 headaches this week - felt like tension headaches. One of them was really bad and I had to take a Tylenol.
I have been having cramps and diarrhea, which I thought were induced by this veggie juice that I just tried, made with beets.
I took my temperature today - it was 98.4F. I have been feeling very cold this past couple of weeks but I thought it was because i sit right next to the AC at my new office at work.
No nausea or vomiting, no weird food cravings, no spotting.

I figure the pregnancy test would not be accurate at this point since I have to wait another 2 weeks till my next period. But this will be the longest 2 weeks ever.

How could the condom possibly malfunction? Not broken, fit well around his penis, rolled on correctly, with room for sperm at the tip (no air) and he pulled out? He did not go near me before the condom was on so it can't be pre-cum.

I am in no way ready to have a baby but the boob situation is making me freak out because it never happens unless I'm on my period.

Does this make sense? Could boobs be sore because of changes in hormones not related to pregnancy?

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