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August 18th, 2013, 09:24 PM
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Hey y'all !! Thanks so much!! I'm soo excited! I'm just glad we are making ANY kind of progress!! 👍 Yup I'm about 45 minutes from French Lick!! Sooo beautiful out here!! We knew my sister in law got pregnant again by accident #rollseyes (( don't get me wrong very excited but our relationship has kinda Stunk here lately... & she's like the most AWFUL pregnant girl EVER!!)) but is due in March. Come to find out my eldest sister is pregnant ((she's my BFF & been in my cheering corner thru this whole thing)) & is due in April!!! Now if we get pregnant this month we will be due in MAY!! WHOO HOO BABIES EVERY MONTH for 3 MONTHS!!! 💚💛💗💙 fingers crossed!! Thanks for all your kind words!!
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