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August 18th, 2013, 10:02 PM
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Dr Shettles was disproven. Sperm have since been shown to swim at the same rate. What has been shown is that girl sperm swim more erratically while boy sperm swim in a straighter line. Girl sperm also are more resilient then the boy sperm and can live through less favorable environments, which is why the harsher pH levels (why clomid sways pink, why diet beverages sway pink, etc), the drier CM (hence why the antihistamine to dry you up), etc. For boys, guaifenesin increases your EWCM. Activity level can go either way. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your testosterone levels and more likely for you to sway blue and why weight lifting is recommended for swaying blue (I used to work out before I had DS1). Stress levels also influence hormones and can either sway blue or pink depending.

I've had both and when I started researching the diets and such it was as if a light bulb went off in my head. I thought I was saying with DS2 with shettles and found out that was a joke. (I conceived DS1 on O day and DS2 2-3 days before O.) Same with my daughters. My last daughter was a Shettles opposite. I thought I was swaying for a boy, but I got a girl.

Both Gender Selection Guide and are very big about the diet (I believe Gender Dreaming to be better and was more like what my lifestyle/diet was like when I conceived either gender). My diet was completely different when I conceived my daughters versus when I conceived my sons. My activity level, stress levels, and other factors were very different as well. When talking about the high everything diet for swaying blue, you don't want to just start eating a ton of junk. You can do it and remain healthy. You just want to eat on the higher end of your allowed daily calories and keep your blood sugar levels a bit higher by eating small meals through the day with snacks. Same with swaying pink. It doesn't have to be to the point of anorexia, just the lower end of your recommended calorie allotment for the day with the focus being on keeping your blood sugar lower then higher. As far as meats and such, I think for a boy you're supposed to eat more red meat then not, but being Asian I'm sure you probably also eat a lot of soy based foods? Maybe taking soy isoflavens (you could get those online) to increase your soy intake as well as soy milk?

I personally don't know a lot about the supplements. It makes sense to a point for me, but not a lot. Maybe you'll be able to tell me more about those, lol. I suppose I probably should do a better job at researching them. I did take a lot of mega vitamins when I conceived my boys versus none when I had my girls, but I'm not sure if it was the high everything concept of the vitamins that helped sway blue or if it was a certain vitamin or two that did it.

As far as position and big O, lol, I think that has some merit, but was hogwash for me, lol. I had the big O with all my girls, none with my boys. Boys were missionary, not sure if that is a girl or boy position, and girls were spooning.

As foolish as this sounds, my girls were all conceived in the new moon. I don't know why or how this sways, but I'm convinced for me that it swayed. My boys were conceived in the full moon. I think its crazy, and would never suggest it to anyone, but that was a difference for me. Haha, it was probably just an ironic coincidence.

Anyway, that's what went on for us when conceiving both pink and blue.
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