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August 19th, 2013, 12:32 AM
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As a woman who is 34 weeks preggo and just finished up 2 semesters of school (spring and summer) and had to move on top and worked full-part time I can say that it will be hard. Especially 6 classes! Is that 3 credits each - so 18 credits?? That's a full load and hard not preggo. Online classes can be easy sometimes (I am mostly online also) but they involve so much self-study that it can be harder.

I know in my state with financial aid I can just take the 12 credit min. for full time and still get all my pell grant/student loan money. I only took 10 credits this summer and they still gave me a lot in student loans so if it's the money you're looking for maybe see how little you can take and still come out on top? Also know that as long as they keep it there is a return on tuition on your taxes (if you'll file). I ended up getting all the money I paid for last year back on taxes so your SO can look into that.

I looked into taking classes in fall, even with a baby due October, but right now I am just too tired. Also my preggo brain became very bad near the end of the semester and I just gave up once I knew I would do okay in all the classes.

Sorry for the long reply! Just trying to give you any info that might help. You can also PM me if you have any questions I take online at my CC so I can help with that if you want
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