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August 19th, 2013, 06:35 AM
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Originally Posted by sunnydaze View Post
He can say sorry all day long, but his behavior needs to change! Being in pain is no excuse for being an ahole or fighting infront of your children.

Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't mean he isn't going to do it all again the next time he doesn't feel well.

You don't need lip service. You need change.

My parents fought infront of us as kids, because of that I refuse to do it now. If we have a problem, we hash it out in our room before we go to bed.

I'm mad for you. I hope things are better now.
I totally agree. He used to be soooooo bad and do this all the time but got much better. Then all of a sudden twice in one day just flippin going off....its the worst. He felt bad last nigjt for his behavior but you are so right. It should never happen again. Especially like that in front of the kids. Thats the worst part. It breaks my heart.

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