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August 19th, 2013, 08:19 AM
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So irritating!

Dh just messaged me to tell me that a coworker (remember small company so everyone's friends with everyone) is pregnant..shes the only girl in the office besides office manager and receptionist and she has a 1year old boy.

that's 3 people at his work expecting babies...2 are due any day now

And he thought that would brighten my morning?

Sorry to show my ugly jealous side but I am just SO tired of everyone around me being pregnant or having a brand new baby!
(this does NOT go for Jen and Elle...and I am MORE than thrilled for you two)

But honestly I know 10 people just off the top of my head that I have almost daily interactions with that are either expecting or just had one.

Now I'm just in a pissy mood
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