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August 19th, 2013, 12:36 PM
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You don't save baby stuff UM? I make that mistake all the time. The only thing I have yet is the moby wrap, and some unisex clothing. The rest I had to sell a bit ago because we were short on cash. OH well I guess, there is at least guaranteed to be one tax season before we'd have another

Yeah he's either a pit-ish, or a boxer dalmatian. He looks almost identical to the neighbor's friend's dog. Like if they were at a distance I probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Matrix is also pit-ish lol

He's so vicious see:


Both of the dogs let themselves out the door randomly, they don't go anywhere though, just go lay in the yard. The white one is a bit more stubborn when people walk past he wants to go say hi, and wont listen when you call him back up. He doesn't run at anyone he just waddles his way down there. I think his hips are getting bad. We're the house that dogs come to to die. lol No stupid pee on my floor/run away/eat my food when I leave it for 10 seconds puppies allowed here.

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