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August 19th, 2013, 02:41 PM
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Monday August 19

Water goal: 2/3 the oz figured out in the formula above
Food goal: 1400-1600 calories
Exercise goal: 20 minute cardio/60 minute cardio/90 minute cardio

How'd you do?

Just a heads up, I'm going back in to modify those cardio options to be 20/40/60.

I've done the cardio, a 2.71mile walk in just over an hour. I made two stops along the way so I cut out the time I was in the vet office and in Family dollar. Starting Wednesday I'll be using the gps on my phone. I am sore, hot and sweaty. usually the 1st half of my walks are my gusto walks... but on the way home I had a string of awesome songs.

I've gotten in about 1/3 of my water. I'm REALLY struggling getting in the water. I'm just not thirsty
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