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August 19th, 2013, 08:58 PM
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Okay now that things are calming down over here, I can post a more detailed update. Everything went well. Baby boy was facing my spine so the ultrasound tech couldn't get his nose and mouth measurements. I asked why that was important because I didn't know. She said it would tell us whether or not he has a cleft. She was poking and wiggling my stomach trying to get this chap to turn his head. She was able to get 1 picture of his face before he turned his head away again, so she never did get her measurements. Baby's legs were stretched out as far as they could go. Looked like he's making himself at home in there. She was able to get a really good view of his goods. There was one thing that happened that had me a little startled at first. Baby's heart rate has always been in the higher ranges, around 170. When the u/s tech took the heart reading, she said 130 bpm. I was a bit confused as to why it would be so low? She checked again for me and it was at 165 bpm. She said sometimes the probe can cause the heart rate to slow down but it doesn't harm the baby.....!!!?? I've never heard of that. I'm thinking maybe she did the reading wrong the first time?? Otherwise the whole probe causing the heart to slow down thing freaks me out a little.

I mentioned placenta encapsulation to my Dr. He acted like I was totally crazy and said he has NEVER had ANYONE take their placenta. That he had never heard of it and asked what the benefits of "Eating your placenta" would be. Once I was done telling him the benefits to cracked a joke about how I would "Put a juicy slice on top of my hamburger." I said it wasn't all cannibalistic like he's thinking and told him the process of how you dry the placenta in an oven or dehydrator, grind it up into a powder and put it in an empty pill case. By the end of the conversation he was still acting like I'm cuckoo. Whatever... *rolls eyes*

I also asked if I could get the gestational diabetes test done before 26-28 weeks like they had planned. My dr acted like he was totally cool with that and scheduled it during my next appointment in 4 weeks (Sept 16th). I'm not SUPER thrilled about the whole testing thing but it's something that needs to be done anyways. I would feel better if it was done sooner than later.

Here are the pics I have. I didn't get any profile pictures of his face either He's a shy guy that just wanted to chill out in the womb. Looked like all he needed was a beach towel and a drink with a little umbrella in it.

Boy parts

Two legs

Leg and foot

Adorably creepy little baby face

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