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August 19th, 2013, 11:03 PM
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My advice would be give Isaiah time to prove himself over a longer period. Make sure he doesn't fall apart in a crisis. And let him show you he is the man he makes himself out to be.
I liked having my kids 3 years apart, I thought I wanted them closer but it's been so nice with Ethan being potty trained and able to do stuff like get his own drink out of the fridge, or get his own snack out of the cupboard, get diapers for Kody or wipes, etc. And he can help Kody in the backseat of the car by giving him a bottle or a binkie. But you do what seems best! Some women like having them closer---my sis and I were 17 months apart and we were best friends growing up (we're still very close).

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