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August 19th, 2013, 11:29 PM
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Yeah, I've been timing my pumps to be about 20-25 minutes but once I hit every 6hours I think I will go 25-30, which is what says to do anyway

Okay, Rowan officially weighs 9lb7oz. He's about a pound behind where they wanted him to be at this time. We're already fortifying his feeds so that he eats only 3oz but is getting the caloric intake of 3.5oz. Because he does so well on the pump feeds at night they have slightly increased his intake for those 10 hours will be 13.5oz, fortified (324 fortified calories instead of 270 unfortified). We are to also always offer 3.5 in the gavage in the hopes that he will just take it. Sometimes he does.

The GI doctor wants to see how Rowan gains over the next 4 weeks and to give him time to pick up more with physical therapy and see if they can't get him to suck better. I have very little faith in that. They only see him once every 2 weeks and they have him scheduled at times that he doesn't eat. I have no idea how they're going to get him to suck properly like that. Basically, this means that 4 weeks from now they will be putting in a permanent tube in his stomach so there isn't a tube on his face that can get around his neck when he starts rolling over.

This also means they will do more invasive tests. He mentioned scoping him and doing an MRI. He wants to wait until Rowan is older though because he will have to be put under. But if Rowan grows and gains weight then they probably won't do those invasive tests.

So basically now it is a waiting game.

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