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August 20th, 2013, 08:14 AM
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ok so here is this cute little 4 year old who thinks she owns everything!! the list of things she has broken is quite short,

countless screens from windows
mini blinds
energy efficient light bulb(tore the top off of the base to expose the cords)
toys out the wazo
a box fan(stepped on it till the motor burned out)
tears plastic sheets off bed
dvd player

most of the items are not hers and still she breaks them and then when we ask her about it she liesw and said she didnt do it that her sister clara did, my six year old constantly tells on her for doing the things she is doing, but what i don't understand is she still does it after she gets in trouble. she broke the screen 3 times in one day and got punished after ever time and still does it. we can go to to his mothers house for dinner and she doesn't touch anything but her toys over there and still she breaks them too.
Her father and i are at wits end, we don't know what t o do with her. we out her in time out in the corner, taken away all toys didnt give her new ones, and even have spanked her and still to no avail she still does it!

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