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August 20th, 2013, 09:56 AM
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brownie does not equal fail!!!!!
When trying to lose weight/get fit nothing should be offlimits. You want a brownie? have one. The key is having ONE. You want a lil 6 pack of oreos? eat em.

Heck I had 2 small slices of cheesecake last night (we had 4 left,and it expired last night... can't throw out cheese cake!) right after I ate pizza for dinner I don't feel like I cheated at all!

I did get sneaky and threw a bunch of ground up flax seed into the pizza dough. Dh didn't even notice.

Power to you to give up meat. DH's skin condition means he needs a decent amount of protein with each meal. We've tried powders.. but where he doesn't eat things like beans... it kinda brings us back to meat. Thankfully he is SUPER fussy on fat content, so we only eat leaner cuts that have had all the fat trimmed off.
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