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August 20th, 2013, 12:43 PM
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Joy, I told my Dr to google it and he said "Oh i believe you, it's just strange and I've never had anyone ask to take their placenta home before."

Then... knowing his wife is a Registered midwife (I figured this out by researching my dr more on the internet) I said "You're going to go home to your wife and tell her about the crazy woman today." -- meaning me. He said "Oh I'm sure she's probably heard of it before." In a snarky voice.

Ugh!! Yes, he seems like he has the "God complex." Or at least in his mind. I can't say I hate the man, but he does rub me the wrong way. I feel a bit like I'm stuck with him. There really are no other good Dr's near me that I haven't already been to and left because I didn't like them. There is one dr I haven't seen that is supposed to be awesome, but he is a little farther away and located in a Hospital that I DO NOT want to deliver at. It's in a really bad part of town and the Hospital has some bad reviews from some people we know.

It would be nice to get at least one good look baby boy's face before he is born. I like the cute little profile pictures and dreaming about what baby may look like.

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