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August 20th, 2013, 12:46 PM
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Noah doesn't do sports, don't feel bad. He quit boy scouts and wrestling. Oh well. The girls want to do sports but I can't afford them. I can barely afford paying for actual school.

We're behind in Rob's truck payment so they called me pretending to be a repo company yesterday. #1, they can't repo, they never sent a certified letter, so they don't know for a fact we've been receiving correspondence. #2 WI is a self help repo state, so unless they take us to court, Rob can just say "get away from my truck" OR hook his boat up to it, and they can't take it. They are not allowed to call police for help (civil) and they are not allowed to touch any property/locks/anything attached to the vehicle. They could be charged with theft. #3 the company they are 'pretending' to be is from AZ. Really? You're so dumb you can't look up a company here and fake being them? ANYWAY, we're not even 2 months behind and owe less than 2500 on the truck. They start calling THE DAY payment is due for that month. NEVER EVER go through a small company for a loan. They're all Dicks.

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