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August 20th, 2013, 01:03 PM
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Those look good! I think I'll have better luck with making my own taco shells than I have with making my own burrito wrappers. I really want to revise my definition of burritos from "thirty-five cents worth of food you're willing to pay $5 for because you're SO hungry" to "three and a half cents worth of food...." but I need a LOT more practice.

I put the last of my apples in the dehydrator today and need to pick up a lemon so I can make watermelon rind pickles. I may or may not get to the Farmer's Market for cucumbers and/or beets to pickle this week.

On the short term front, I'm cooking up some onions and blanched summer squash from the freezer, tossing in some garbanzos, and serving it over bulgur for dinner tonight.
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