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August 20th, 2013, 01:29 PM
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Well, the gavage is connected to a tube through the nose so the tube is always present near his neck, no matter what you do. The tube needs to be long and free so we can control speed. That's part of Rowan's present difficulties with the gavage. It still takes an hour to get the food into him because you HAVE to do it very slooooooow. This is why I had to quit pumping while doing the gavage. He just screams, frets, and thrashes around so much that I have to hold him.

The cons to keeping the NG tube (meaning through the nose) is the choking hazard, irritation to the nostrils/nasal passage, congestion, and impaired swallowing (they feel something at the back of their throat and they don't like it).

I really don't want him to have surgery either but he may do better at sucking/swallowing with it out. *sigh*

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