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August 20th, 2013, 02:36 PM
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My five year old dd is generally sweet and good natured. The last few weeks though she has been lying like crazy, and it is driving me nuts. There have been several instances already...and then three in the last two days.

Yesterday she had a toy with her that I had asked her to put away before we left the house. I asked her if she had it, she said no several times, then I saw it in her hand. So I spanked her for lying right to my face. Over something dumb really....

On to today. I'm scrubbing out the bathroom and I see someone has emptied my clorox wipe container and filled it with water. I ask all the kids about it (but I know it was her....the older kids wouldn't do that and my youngest doesn't go in the bathroom alone.) She denies, I lean on her really hard, she finally admits it. I put her in time out.

After time out I thought we had a very nice talk about lying, why it is wrong, what I expect from her and so forth. Not even five minutes later I return to the same bathroom and see someone has also dumped out a brand new bottle of shampoo and filled that with water. I mean so obvious! I ask her...she lies several times...finally admits it. I spank her and tell her to go and sit in her bed.

I just feel like I have made zero impression on her. I do think she is old enough and smart enough to know the difference in between right and wrong, and is lying strictly to try to avoid getting in trouble for things she knows are wrong. Generally she is very easy to parent, so this has thrown me for a loop. Any advice on breaking this habit early on?
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