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August 20th, 2013, 02:37 PM
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I'm kind of panicking. My last period started on August 1st and lasted 4 days. It was pretty normal but usually my periods last about 5-7 days. My husband and I had sex on the 8th and then on the 10th. We use condoms...somewhat. I'm not on BC pills so we will start sex without one and then he'll put one on before he's ready to climax inside of me. I ovulated on the 15th. For about 1 to 2 and 1/2 weeks, these have been my symptoms (today is the 20th):

-A lot of burping! (no noise, just gas bubbles coming up and out of my throat) I don't usually all.
-anxiety- my nerves just feel very on edge for no reason at all with random sweaty palms
-fatigue- almost falling asleep on my desk at work and knocking out cold at night in bed
-for the past two days, I've gotten some mild, dull cramping where my period cramps should be. (I'm not supposed to start my period until the 29th) They've been on and off all day, both days
-not really nausea, just kind of feel like I'm going to vomit but nothing ever happens. My palms will get sweaty and I'll start to salivate a lot (that feeling you get right before you vom)

I'm now 5 DPO, 9 days before my period is due. Could I actually be pregnant? If so, can I test this early? Otherwise, what's wrong with me?

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