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August 20th, 2013, 05:01 PM
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Repti, it sounds like the place the kids got their loans from. If the payment isn't there first thing in the morning, on the day it is due, they start hounding them. Sam had 14 phone calls in an 8 hour span. Technically it wasn't late yet, and they still hounded her after she made the payment cause it hadn't registered in their computers yet and kept trying to convince her to pay it over the phone. She refused to double pay because their computers were slow.

Well Layla is home, and completely miserable. Sadly she is also still very enticing to the boys cause it will take a few days for her scent to calm down, only now it's more important that she stays away from the boys cause it can rip her stitches...inside and out.

This leads to a private post.... (gonna go write it now).
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