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August 20th, 2013, 05:42 PM
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Repti thats horrible. I can't believe they called pretending to be collectors, that it ridiculous!!! You would think that they would be at least professional and perhaps give you some leniency for at least a month before calling. Sadly we don't live in the most stable of economic times right now, and money can be tight for everyone. I hope that it works out for you honey.
Cortney, don't feel bad my daughter is the athlete in this family. My boys are more technical minded..little gamers,lego masters,lol. I have tried pretty much everything to get them into some sports...alas they win,lol.
My day has been going pretty much the way the rest of the month has proved to be...the s*its!!! I have a little guy(K) with an ear infection, one with aching legs(M)(he has juvenile arthritis) and an eye appoint for the 3rd(J) to discuss the 3rd eye surgery. My vacuum broke today and my cream colored living room rug is covered with thick black hair. I tried to pick it up by hand...just picture it,lol!! Then to boot my youngest sons tire burst and he skinned out his whole knee...did I mention dh has friends coming by tonight? SIGH!! Boy life is grand
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