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August 20th, 2013, 08:27 PM
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I have so much to add. I can't think you all enough for dropping by and checking on me. Things got pretty busy with babysitting, research, and summer classes. But I'm enjoying my time in between semesters, which explains how I have time to finally update my journal.

I want to start with a brag about my doctor. He came recommended to me through a neonatal nurse so I knew he must be good. He has been so patient and helpful. He is really relaxed about everything. We even email! He really only made a big deal about my due date once, and he said that was for calculating the weeks for when certain tests needed to be performed. And that was about the use of a due date. So it's good to know he won't be stressing about baby too early or too late.

I'm working really hard to get my schedule down for this fall. I have two stats classes and was hoping for a practicum. I outed myself to the practicum advisor because I was turned down at a hospital where I applied. I am kind of okay because it was a rough hospital and the work wasn't really stats related. Thank goodness the practicum advisor has been so sweet. She forward my cv and a writing sample to some folks at the CDC to see if they wanted a practicum student. The practicum advisor understands how much I feel pressured to get the practicum out of the way with no baby than putting it off until after baby is born. I have to have something in the works by the end of next week or no practicum though. Yikes. My backup plan is to take 6 hours and work a ton of babysitting hours.

I'm still teaching at the gym. It's been much better since I finally got some of my energy back. For a while I was really wondering why I was teaching bc I would get done and just feel roasted. I don't have the energy to take a yoga class or anything after I teach but I am not so worn out either. I've also really enjoyed telling the people at the gym that I'm pregnant.

The next big thing for me is an elective ultrasound at a for fun clinic at 16 weeks. I'll be 15 weeks on Friday. Only a week and a half more and then I'll know whether we are having a boy or girl. I think that's really going to help Husband. He is finally getting into this baby thing. Maybe the slowly growing arsenal of baby stuff filling the guest room (baby room!) is also making it more real for him. Once we know boy or girl I think he will be able to connect to the idea better. (Ps the ultrasound is doubly exciting because I haven't seen the baby since it was a blob with a heartbeat. Insurance wouldn't cover an NT scan.)

That and I'm SHOWING! Legit showing. It is nice to not look just bloated. I'm still self conscious about my belly thought. Tight clothes look better to me because I think it's more obvious. Husband and my best friend have been telling me for a couple of weeks that I have been showing. I told them it was bloat. At this point it's belly, and maybe a little weight gain.

My mother has been excited but she is impossible to get ahold of. She actually provided some support when I had a hormonal moment and cried about the house upgrades I wanted done before baby arrived. Hormones. Make silly things suddenly important and overwhelming. Remind me to take a pic of the new dish collection I'm starting. It's part of my nesting, which Husband doesn't believe is a real thing.

If you read all this then you're a trooper. I'll try to stay on top of updating this. I know how much I love reading everyone else's journals

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