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August 20th, 2013, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by maybethistime View Post
If you are considering a home birth you should make sure you get on a midwife list that does one. My sister is in T.O. and was on a waiting list and never made it on. My other sister had a home birth for her third child. She had a C-section first, then a vbac and said the home birth was by far the best. I personally loooove my OB so I will be doing it at the hospital
We are already in the care of the Burlington midwives, and they give you the option of home birth vs hospital. I think she said that she does about 1/2 at home and 1/2 at the hospital - so they are definitely down if we are! And yes, to get in with the midwives, I had to literally apply the night I found out I was pregnant - at 4.5 weeks, or I'd be out of luck.

Our midwife explained to us that since there are many "false alarms" for first time mothers, even if you are planning to go to the hospital to deliver, they will come to you first when you feel the onset of labour. They will check you and determine if it is the real deal. If it is labour, they stay at home with you for as long as you like and then go to the hospital at "some point" - up to the parents. (Or midwife, if something doesn't seem right) I can see with that set up and mentality, that it would be much easier to have a home birth.
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