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August 20th, 2013, 11:16 PM
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My SIL's been admitted for an induction. Gel's in... pitocin in the morning. No medical reason.. just tired of being pregnant.

I am literally holding myself together by my fingernails right now. The only reason I haven't just wrapped my arms around myself and sobbed is I'm afraid DH will wake up and walk out and find me crying.

I really thought by the end of her pregnancy the feeling of "that should be MY baby." would go away.. but it has not. So it might take me a few days to pull my head out of the sand and be back to rights. So if my replies sound void and empty.. it's cause my head's not on right.

I leave you with some sad music videos:

I Would Die For That - YouTube

Daughtry - Gone Too Soon (Official) - YouTube
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