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August 20th, 2013, 11:26 PM
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Wonderful advice and it seems like 3 years is a perfect spand. That's how I seemed to have wanted my kids to be apart. I only want two kids and I'm done with my first.

I found out last week I was up for an amazing job only a few mins away from home. It's part time but double the pay I'm getting as a full time worker. I went for an interview on Thursday last week. Did my drug test and my background check. I'm proud to say I start my orientation tomorrow and ill find out my work schedule. Double the pay for half the time? I think that's a win!!! Which means more Mason time and I won't have to worry about not making enough money for us.
Finishing school while pregnant was the best thing I ever did. I feel really relaxed. Knowing I can get my son what he needs and ill be able to spend more time with him.

So as far as another baby... Not a chance for a few more years
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