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August 20th, 2013, 11:31 PM
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I just started reading the first sentence of the webpage and saw the name "Pearl" and I knew what this was. I don't have to read it, I've heard about the Pearls, and read the news stories about horribly abused children rescued from homes where the parents said they followed the Pearls' philosophy.

Sadly I feel like these methods were once common in other places and times. When similar abuse of animals and oppressed servants or slaves was just ported over to children. It seems like nowadays no one should be ignorant enough to treat children like that.

You know what, forget the child's wellbeing for a moment. What does this do to the parent who parents this way? What kind of monster are you, or do you become when you deliberately terrorize a small person like that? How do you sleep at night?

If violence is the only way someone can set limits or deal with strong emotions from their small child, then I'm sorry, they are a seriously messed up individual.

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