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August 21st, 2013, 05:34 AM
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I use the app as well but it updates on the website too. To put your chart in your signature you go to quick links at JM. Under the left hand side of the site at the top go to edit signature. Then go to fertility friend's web site and log in. You'll see a link for sharing on the top right hand side. Click on it and then go to get code and copy and paste the bbcode into your signature.

Originally Posted by 2ligit2quit View Post
you know I was woundering about the spotting thing as well wounder if that affect anything I know buy 10 or 11 dpo I start to spot and I end up with a 12 or 13 LP.
I know right I usually have a 15-16 day LP but I start spotting around 11 dpo. We'll see what I do now that I've had the surgery. My temps are pretty sucky this month to be honest.

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