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August 21st, 2013, 08:05 AM
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Thanks Ladies! I really hope he does give me a script for a stool softener. Who knew this could be so painful! Oh dear :s

Thanks for all the suggestions Joy! I am planning a big breakfast today and I can't stop drinking water. So, hopefully no low blood sugar for me.

I woke up feeling really scared and anxious today. I'm scared that I will mention that I'd like to hear the heartbeat because I haven't since the scare with the bleeding two weeks ago and they will brush me off as though I'm "one of those hysterical women". And then it kind of struck me today that I've made it further in this pregnancy than I have before, but that's not really a guarantee.

Ok I'm just venting now so I'm going to go and try to have a positive morning. I wish this wasn't so stressful and I could just relax and enjoy.
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