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August 21st, 2013, 10:01 AM
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So, we decided to NTNP about 3-4 weeks ago after I finished my last pack of lo-loestrin(a pill where I have not gotten a period the entire time I've been on it). I did stop it once in December of last year to make sure "everything was working" and got my period, like..5 days later. Went back on the Sunday after finishing my cycle.

This time, like I said, stopped the pill about 3-4 weeks ago, and still no AF! Have been taking PTs and everything has been negative thus far, including one I took 2 days ago--so clearly not the issue.

Starting to feel little pangs where my ovaries are, some slight cramping (but nothing like what I remember my cramps being when I got my cycles),more headaches, sore boobs/nipples(Sorry if this is TMI, I'm new), and my cervix is way high and relatively soft this morning. A lot more pee breaks lately, but I'm thinking it might be the coffee intake I've stepped up the past week. My legs have been more achy--yes, I am training for a marathon--but they seem worse then usual.

So anyone with more experience/clues then I have, please weigh in. It concerns me that I still haven't had AF come to town...but maybe my recent symptoms are PMS? AM I totally being dumb because I've forgotten what my cycle is supposed to be like?? Is it worth taking more tests since I haven't had AF yet?

Anything will help, I feel like I'm a little crazy, haha. We aren't trying, but we'd both be over the moon if a BFP came up,
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