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August 21st, 2013, 12:04 PM
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Your pups are adorable Melissa. I love the big fat golden retriever. Reminds me of a dog my aunt used to have that I was absolutely in love with.

Here is our wild little pomeranian, Barktholomew. Not much of a guard dog because he loves everyone. Taking him on walks is a little frustrating because he wants to go up to EVERYONE and meet them. Although you can't see me in this picture, Barktholomew and I were hanging out in bed together. It was storming out and we were both waiting for daddy to get home and save us. I think I was about 8 or 9 months pregnant in this picture... but all you can see is my hand and part of my leg

Of course we have Otis my parrot. We also technically have a cat, Butters, but he only comes home to eat or if the weather is bad. He chooses to be an outdoor kitty. I was looking around on my computer but can't find a single picture of him right now... weird I could have sworn I had some unless they got deleted somehow. Or shoved into some folder, I don't remember. Anyways, he's an orange and white tabby cat. I hardly ever see him in the spring/summer. He starts coming around more often when it gets cold out. We have a doggy door that he comes in and out of whenever he wants. He likes to bring home dead bugs, frogs, roaches!!.... once he brought home a small dead snake OMG and one time he brought a LIVE bird inside. I heard this horrible noise, and saw he had a bird in his mouth and I screamed and smacked him so he would drop it. I don't know if he hurt the bird at all, I didn't see any blood, but I let it go outside and it flew off. He's a gross little kitty, lol. I call him bully cat because he's always outside hunting little creatures.

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