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August 21st, 2013, 01:13 PM
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TOTALLY different!!!

She LOOOVES sleep - Connor still gets up 1-2 times a night and doesn't sleep in his bed all night. She's been STTN pretty much since 2 weeks! She naps very well during the day usually also. And she sleeps in her bassinet all night, C ended up in our bed very early on.

She liked to be swaddled for a couple of weeks, - C wanted nothing at all to do with it
She loves to be carried in the ring sling - C didn't care for babywearing until he was about 6+ months
She had latch issues in the beginning - C was a champion nurser from day 1

Luckily she's just as laid back as C was, they were both VERY good babies, no colick, no crying for no reason, easy to please

I'm more excited about and looking forward to her development, as Connor had a lot of developmental delays and we had to do speech therapy and physical therapy with him in early intervention. He never hit milestones on late, in fact, that a lot never made it to the baby book! I'm hoping that she will hit milestones early or at least on time, so I can see what that's like!! We're still dealing with some physical/gross motor delays now, but no more therapies at least.

It was very hard with Connor, especially being in a playgroup with him, I felt very disconnected from everyone else - and ended up losing touch with everyone - because he was so far behind. So if anyone starts to experience that and needs someone to talk to, I'm your girl!

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