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August 21st, 2013, 04:46 PM
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They are/were both pretty big chubby babies. G just a bit bigger though. They look very similar except obviously G is a boy, and darker coloring and hairier, and he has some distinctive crinkles on the top of his ears. But their features and the types of faces they make, their expressions are similar.

G is way more laid back than M though. She was a fighter and a screamer and a very opinionated and energetic creature right off the bat. G is generally peaceful and quiet and although he will yell when he has to, the second you pick him up or take the wet diaper off of whatever, he is immediately relaxed again. M used to work herself up and take awhile to calm down again! They are both generally happy though. I never thought of M as an unusually difficult baby, she was just a bit... passionate. Energetic. She wasn't upset all the time or anything, but when she was, oh boy she'd turn it up to 11. G gets upset more infrequently and when he does, he never approaches her intensity level. I think he's a very easy baby in general.

He also sleeps better than M did and doesn't need to breastfeed as often.

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