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August 21st, 2013, 07:23 PM
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Well. That was not fun.

I have to first say that I looooooove my GP. The problem is that he is so, so hard to get in to see.

So, he started by reviewing what happened with my m/c in May. He reviewed the ultrasound that was done. That ultrasound was done the end of June and in the report it reads the findings as a "blah blah blah rupture".

He told me there is no such thing as a blah blah blah rupture. Reports are made by a talk to text machine that automatically faxes them out. This means that I actually had a blah blah blah STRUCTURE in my uterus after my m/c. The OBGYN I saw after that ultrasound is new to Canada, her English is very rough, and I'm guessing she assumed the follow up US would have been sooner than four months away.

So, my doc asked me what her advice was and when I told her that she said to go ahead and TTC, his head almost exploded. We did TTC, i got pregnant. He also said my HCG results were not good as they were exceptionally high and not doubling. (9000 and 15000). We discussed the bleeding I had two weeks ago and he asked me about my pregnancy symptoms, of which I have none. Then he went a little nuts.

He ordered an ultrasound right there from his office and gave the hospital staff heck for cancelling my ultrasound that should have been on Monday. He told them i MUST have a US tomorrow. Unfortunately he did say "i have a patient who may be miscarrying and this needs to get done."

Then he went to his receptionist in front of me and told her I need an appointment Friday afternoon. She said there was nothing and he just repeated FRIDAY AFTERNOON, grabbed my paperwork and started stuffing it in the fax machine. I thanked him so much for his time and he smiled at me and said "this is clearly an urgent matter".

So I guess now here I am again, playing the waiting game that is TTC. Wait for an ultrasound, wait for results. Thank God my wait is only 24 hours. I have an appointment for my ultrasound tomorrow at two and a follow up with my doc Friday at 12:45.

So that's my update. I'm just trying to stay calm. DH is going to leave the farm tomorrow and come with me to the hospital. I guess I just go from there.

Thanks for all the responses and for checking in on me. I'll post back tomorrow evening.
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