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August 21st, 2013, 09:11 PM
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I am 11 DPO and have a question about boobie pain. I usually get tender the week before AF, but didnt at all last month (this is first month TTC) and they have been tender the past 3 or so days but think it might be different this time. Only one breast is tender and degree of tenderness varies. I don't remember having it like this in other months. Nipples are not sore at all. I have been testing since 8DPO and nothing. (Using Wondfo) Have other symptoms though. Felt tightening and cramping bad Saturday (would have been 7-8 DPO..maybe implantation?) and had mild cramping on and off and Monday and yesterday had pretty bad dizzyness/lightheaded to the point where I almost tipped over a few times. I have a DD that is 8 so I dont remember how last one really was but what do you think about one sided pain? Ever had it with or without bfp??? Thanks in advance for any input!
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