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August 21st, 2013, 09:34 PM
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At 5w, last Thursday night I went into the er with spotting. I had 4 miscarriages and an ectopic so of course u/s was done and blood work. Levels were at 6486 and sac was measuring right on, since it was after midnight was at 5w1d. And so was the sac! Went in next am for scheduled appt and blood was drawn and physical exam was OK. Got numbers back and they had dropped 740, down to 5746 in around 12 hours. Had blood drawn Monday afternoon since I had not started bleeding and to make sure numbers are going down. Today, wed I got a call stating numbers were up to 27000 and scheduled me for a viability ultrasound with a specialist. Today I am 5w6d, saw my baby, bit heart beat was 85 and the gestational sac is collapsing. I had already accepted m/c Monday/Tuesday and kept thinking how I can better myself and do better.... my situation was crap here abusive bd and left him when I found out I was pg, so the baby saved me, but with the numbers doubling from Fri/Mon I had slight hope. I still want to better myself and consider it a blessing I saw my baby and got pictures and finally saw a HB (never saw w previous pregnancies). My brother passed 3.5 years ago and today, the 21st is his birthday, so I see it as his present to me. To have pictures and finally see that HB...... I am numb and lost and waiting. I do not have health Insurance and am moving on Friday so I will have to wait this out blindly.....
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